Why choose High Point Financial?

It’s harder than ever to make sound financial decisions. Life is busy and complicated. Information is everywhere but how do we know if we’re on the right path? At High Point Financial, we believe that choosing the right path starts with surveying your surroundings. What better way to do that than looking down from the highest point. We work together with you to understand what’s important and why. We then use technology to organize your situation and analyze what makes you unique. Finally, we educate you on potential paths to take so that you can make the decisions on how to proceed.

High Point Financial is located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania directly across from the Town Center. We serve individuals, families, and business owners who are looking for a truly comprehensive and customized experience. We are committed to building lifelong relationships with people who value a true partnership that extends well beyond basic investment management.

If you work with us, you can expect a laid back but professional approach centered around the following:

  • Objectivity – We are independent. We work for you and no one else. We’re not tied to any insurance company or investment firm. We research financial planning strategies and sort through the universe of potential tools available, with the goal of finding the best solutions for our clients.
  • A Comprehensive Approach - Working with us requires work on your part too. We ask you to engage in a detailed discovery process in order for us to truly understand the multiple layers of your financial picture.
  • Fee Flexibility – We know that the world of advice is changing, and that people pay their advisor in many different ways. We will spend time with you understanding your expectations of us and will customize our relationship and our fees so that you are satisfied that the value matches the cost.

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