How We Help: Financial Management

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in the field of financial services who act as investment advisors, managing a client’s portfolio for a fee or earning commissions on trades. But few of them ever consider doing anything beyond investments. We believe that we can offer solid investment guidance while providing something more—comprehensive wealth management.

We employ a dynamic educational process that allows clients to visualize their personal goals and model the financial consequences of their choices. We rely on state-of-the-art software to plan and illustrate our strategies. We have partnerships with CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals dedicated to working as a team to meet all aspects of our clients’ needs.

Most important —what separates our firm from the others— are the relationships we develop with our clients. We built our firm based on the fundamental elements of mutual trust, honesty, and respect, which helps us better strive to help make your goals a reality.

Discovery Phase(1-2 Meetings)

Our process is different. We are thorough. That requires a commitment to getting organized and providing the relevant details of your financial situation. Once we’ve determined that we are a good fit, we will work with you to gather and organize all of the important data, understand what’s important and why, and then assess your situation relative to your stated goals.

Education Phase(1 Meeting)

Information on personal finance is abundant. It’s very tough to know what’s a reliable source and where to get started. As an organization we are committed to continuing education in an effort to find the best opportunities for our clients. It’s our job to break down complex concepts into simple and relatable terms to help our clients decide on how best to move forward.

Action Plan Phase(1-2 Meetings)

You came to us with concerns, goals, and ideas for your future. You will leave with a clear written list of recommendations to move forward. We’ve spent the time to understand your situation and we’ve objectively considered potential solutions. We will present an action plan and work with you on implementing solutions.

Monitoring Phase(Ongoing)

Taking action is the not the end of your planning but the just the beginning. Monitoring and adjusting you plan as life continues on is just as important as the Discovery Phase. Through our software and your personal wealth portal, we will stay on top of your planning goals and life events that may change your financial situation.  This phase also enables us to review and assess alternative planning scenarios that may be appropriate as well.

Our Wealth Management Portal

wealth management portal

Together, we will use an industry leading financial planning software to collect and store your entire financial life in one secure location. On your side, you’ll track your net worth, investment positions, insurance, and more all in one place. You will have the opportunity to store your most important documents in the online secure vault. On our end, we will use the software to provide interactive meetings where we will answer your questions and, together, create a plan that speaks to your goals.

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